Working with smart object in Photoshop

Published: 29th June 2011
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Working with smart object in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, a name of complete graphic package, very well known among the Graphic designers, web designers or post production artists. It is a tool from which a person can make extra-ordinary, creative and good looking design. Now days, this software is very common in the industry and if you are supposed to be graphic designer then you should have knowledge of this particular software as well. Photoshop (photo+shop) means manipulation of photo. In this software you can make photo more appropriate rather than previous. You can edit, manipulate, re-size and so many things which you can think. Besides this, Photoshop is very common software in design industry and therefore, time to time Photoshop also upgrading itself too. From Photoshop first version to Photoshop CS5.5, there is a huge number of changes, up gradation, modification and new tools have been implemented. So here, we are going to discuss such a tool which is called "Smart Object" and going to discuss that how it works.

From Photoshop CS2, we have a new feature which is called ‘Smart Object’. Smart Object is a tool by which you can transform, warp, and re-scale without ruining the original quality of image. For using Smart object go to Layer-Smart object (alt L+S). For example, if we are transforming any image into Photoshop without using smart object and again re-scale it then you see that image lost his original identity, now the image is a little bit blurry, and when you use this image for your Design it stay over the design with their poor quality and may be it bring down quality in printing too but if you use smart object on it then you can retain image's originality even after rescaling or transforming.

You cannot use some image correction like brightness/contrast, level, curve, color balance, hue/saturation etc. directly to a smart object, because there is difference between ‘smart object’ and ‘normal object’. For this you have to double click on the object and you see one dialogue box will appear which means your object will open in another window and whatever changes you will make, after that you have to save your file. If you do this, and close that window, you can see that changes are reflecting in existing file too.

You cannot group while your object is smart object. For this, you have to resterize your image then you can group your object. Otherwise, It won’t be possible for you to put your smart object into group. After converting into resterize layer it is like normal object and now you can do with it like normal object but Be consider then after this you can’t use your object like smart object. So it is highly recommendable that after converting into resterize layer doesn’t change anything in your object.

From Photoshop CS3, We have also a new feature like smart object which is called smart filter. It is also working same as like smart object. For using this you choose your object/image then go to filter-convert for smart filter. After applying this, you can add more filter which you can see in submenu of layer, you can on/off particular filter effect or if don’t like you can also delete as well without loosing original image. For example, it is very useful when you are making any template or special effect.

So, at the end of this article the conclusion is that if you are working on Photoshop and using these two smart tools then surely it helps you a lot. But you must be able to work like a professional Web Designer for that you must take professional training from a good Institute like ADMEC Multimedia Institute which emphasizes on practical cum individual training. Institute is also providing online classes for Web, Graphics designing, Motion Graphics and other single application courses.

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